Eye movement desensitization and reprogramming is a very powerful and effective treatment for trauma. My training is through the Parnell Institute that includes a focus on repairing and healing early childhood attachment. 

Prolonged Exposure

I have advanced training in prolonged exposure, which furthered my understanding of the way that trauma is healed. I most commonly integrate informal exposure techniques with other modalities to support clients in challenging fears and limiting beliefs about themselves and what they are capable of achieving in life. 

Somatic-based Therapy

I am certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Although this modality is most often used in face-to-face sessions, it is also effective in on-line sessions as well by helping clients connect more to their bodies and understanding emotions from exploring them physically . This technique allows for healing to occur from the direction of body to mind, not just mind to body. 

I am also gaining greater understanding and training in Polyvagal theory. This approach integrates various exercises and techniques to help calm the central nervous system. It is a very effective way of connecting mind and body and find deeper healing emotionally.